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Create Your Own Listening Hoop

A listening hoop is a great tool to have when checking your child's Ling 6 Sounds and teaching them auditory and verbal skills. Today I am going to show you a simple way to make one so you can add it to your daily routine and also build on your teachable moments.

First, let's start with your materials.

What you need is:

- Fabric scissors

- Embroidery Hoop 7 inch (shown)

- Speaker Grill Cloth

You can choose any size embroidery hoop but it should be big enough to cover your mouth so that the listener focuses on listening to the sound you are producing instead of reading your lips to work on strengthening their listening skills.

Step 1

Take your speaker cloth and embroidery hoop and lay them on a flat surface. Take your embroidery hoop and separate it. Make sure your speaker cloth is folded over. You want to make sure the cloth is folded when cut to make it less shear so that the listener won't be able to see your mouth.

Step 2

Take one side of the embroidery hoop and place it under the folded speaker cloth.

Step 3

Take the other side of the embroidery hoop and place it on top of the speaker cloth and push the hoop back together. You may have to loose the screw to get it to fit over the other. Make sure to tighten the screw back to make it tight.

Step 4

Flip it over so that the other side of the hoop is now facing you. You are going to pull around the hoop to make sure it is pulled tight enough so that the speaker cloth is not loose.

Step 5

Flip it right side up and you are now ready to cut around the hoop.

Step 6

Take your fabric scissors and trim around the embroidery hoop.

Step 7

Flip the hoop over and trim the excess speaker cloth trying to get it as flush as possible.

There you have it! You now have a listening hoop you can use everyday!

As you can see you can make several of these listening hoops to share with others! I have made these along with some Ling 6 bags that have been great as a starter kit for families just beginning their hearing journey.

If you have any questions please let me know:)

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